Pouch Soup

  • Creamy Chicken & Mushroom

    A creamy soup with shredded chicken, sliced mushrooms and hints of miso.

  • Hearty Pumpkin & Lentil

    A rich pumpkin and tomato soup with wholesome lentils.

  • Creamy Pumpkin & Cashew

    A classic pumpkin and cashew soup with crunchy pepita seeds.

  • Creamy Chicken & Noodle Soup

    A traditional style chicken noodle soup with shredded chicken and diced carrots.

  • Country Vegetable, Chicken & Quinoa

    A rustic style soup with quinoa, diced vegetables, shredded chicken and kale.

  • Potato and Leek with Miso

    A classic potato and leek soup with an umami Asian twist

  • Creamy Butter Chicken

    A fragrantly spiced Indian style soup with shredded chicken and chickpeas.

  • Chunky Chickpea & Vegetable

    A Moroccan style hearty spiced chickpea, lentil & vegetable soup.

  • Curried Coconut Lentil

    An Indian style soup with lentils, split chickpeas, pumpkin & carrot.

  • Fragrant Laksa

    A Malaysian style soup with tofu, shallots, lemongrass & enoki mushrooms.

  • Coconut Pumpkin

    A wholesome pumpkin & coconut soup with a Thai twist.

  • Cauliflower Cashew

    A dairy-free & lightly creamy cauliflower cashew nut soup.

  • Chicken & Corn

    A Chinese style, creamy sweet corn & shredded chicken soup.


  • Chicken Bone Broth Soup

    Aromatic chicken bone broth, with slices of carrot, celery, onion & chopped parsley.

  • Vegetable Broth Soup

    Nourishing vegetable broth with pieces of carrot, shiitake mushroom, onion & chopped parsl...

  • Beef Bone Broth Soup

    Spiced & fragrant beef bone broth, with slices of carrot, onion & chopped coriander.

Recipe Bases

Ready Meals

  • Supergrain Veg Dahl

    A delicious veg blend of lentils, pumpkin, tomatoes, chickpeas & simple spices.

  • Supergrain Massaman Chicken

    Creamy, flavourful and mildly spiced.

  • Supergrain Butter Chicken

    With the goodness of brown rice. Ready to heat & eat.

  • Supergrain Satay Chicken

    Brown rice, quinoa, red rice & chia seeds. Heat & Serve 90 secs. Creamy & nutty lightly sp...

  • Supergrain Teriyaki Chicken

    Sweet & sticky Japanese classic on a bed of supergrains. Brown rice, quinoa, red rice & ch...

  • Supergrain Veg Panang Curry

    With the goodness of brown rice. Ready to heat & eat.

Cup Soup

  • Pho

    Traditional Vietnamese style soup infused with aromatic herbs & spices with low calorie Ko...

  • Tom Yum

    Spicy & sour Thai soup with mushrooms, lemongrass & shallots.

  • Chicken Noodle

    Shredded chicken in a hearty broth with low calorie konjac noodles.

  • Wonton

    Traditional Chinese style clear soup, with chicken dumplings & shiitake mushrooms

Noodle Soup

  • Chicken Noodle

    Shredded chicken in a hearty broth with shiitake mushrooms & rice noodles.

  • Laksa Noodle

    Lively spiced coconut base with tofu & rice noodles. Add boiling water.

  • Beef Pho

    Vietnamese style broth loaded with New Zealand beef & rice noodles.