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You may all know that nuts are a “must have” on your shopping list. Packed with protein, fibre and essential fats, about 30g of nuts makes a boosting snack and gives a mix of vitamins, good oils and minerals. At Hart & Soul, one of our favourite nuts are the Tigernuts. Don’t eyeballed us as a lunatic like that! We know what you are going to say. Before any judgement, let us explain you what they are so you can kick off your lunch with an healthy and nutritious nuts topping

What are they?

Cultivated in North Africa, these little things are not real nuts but vegetable roots, grass like kinds,. It is one of the world’s oldest sources of nutrition. They made up 80 percent of our ancient ancestors’ diet like nutcracker men 2 millions years ago. Full of resistant starch, a prebiotic who is an excellent food for the gut’s bacteria. Filled with enzyme, a protein that will help your digestive health, improves your insulin sensitivity. They will also lower your blood sugar levels and helps to counteract the issues of your guts. These little precious things are of course non allergen, dairy and gluten free. What else can we ask?

 The tiger nuts can be consumed raw, roasted, dried, baked or as tiger nut milk or oil. Either way, there is so many possibilities! They have a  a smooth tender sweet and nutty taste. 

Just the perfect snack to have for a quick and healthy break. You can find them unpeeled, peeled or diced, under a 140g or 400gr format, and are the dieters’ dreams are made of. About 50 chickpea-sized pieces of plain, raw tiger nuts, contains 120 calories, 10 g of fibre (about 40% of your daily value).

They will keep you happy and well fed!

At Hart & Soul we absolutely love to have them on top of our Laksa soup for a quick and satisfying lunch. The delicate fragrances of the soup contrast perfectly with the crunchy of the nuts.  Sit back, relax and enjoy a delightful moment that will nourish your soul and embrace your body.